Heart = Love

I really enjoy this picture, and have no idea where to put it. That aside; links!

These are some of the places I draw inspiration from, some of the places online that I really enjoy. I highly recommend everything that shows up on this list.

This is a webcomic that got me into webcomics years  and years ago. Funny, entertaining to say the least and a good load of characters to bond with. 

One of the best comics I have ever read. Another one from back in the day, but it still updates and is still awesome. Not to mention all the lovely color!

This is one of the places on the internet that I find to be trying to do vaguely what I am trying to do. I love to see that! Go support him! 

More of what I love to see. I 've been playing the game of blogging for less, but I see a common love of telling stories. I love stories! Go enjoy some stories!

I half find this link to be useless and a waste of space. I mean who of you have not already heard of this amazement?

I did not even care that news was a thing until this man. 

I feel like there always needs to be more going on here. I mean, how could more legos ever be a bad thing?

Oh look! Everything I wish I was capable of on one website. I always read with with a huge *sigh* of "WHY AM I NOT THIS GOOD?"

This is a web-comic some friends of mine work on. Oh yeah, getting to know people in the business. You know it. It is quite good and I thoroughly enjoy it. Go and read it. Now. 

Why are you still here?

Oh I get it, they are all in other tabs...