Friday, May 27, 2011

My Teeth Are Like High School

My teeth are like high school because it's not about how well you do. It's about how little you mess up. 

It's not "Yay I brushed my teeth!"

It's "F&*$! I forgot to floss!


Great failed my test.

Root Canal?

I think I just failed Science...

Do I have to repeat a year now?

I don't even know what that means in this metaphor.

And braces? 

Slapped on when I am far too young to understand that my actions have consequences larger then maybe a year at most. 

Don't real~ly follow the directions.

GPA too low to get into College I wanted.

I mean teeth are messed up for rest of life. 

he he... yeah....... that's the real problem here...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Careful my Bite is Worse Then My Bark

Confidence, Self-confidence. What a melodramatic fa├žade of a goal in a person’s life. Begrudgingly tearing myself limb from limb to reach for this so called “goal.”  I’ll scoff at myself in blind disregard to my own humility.
How eagerly we climb, I climb, towards that confidence, and for what? A grand fortress of wood to be burned down by the next passerby with a single spark!  Forgive my negative expression, but the cataclysm of recent events leaves me ghastly and exhausted, while not more than a husk of my former self at the moment.

          Yet a promise is different, a promise I must keep. A slave to this societal thrill I've constructed, this "blog" of stories hoping to make a life out of a dream where I don't actually have to get a job like a normal person.

          The few morals that keep my tethered down I must uphold for fear of the sheer chaos that would be left of myself were I to lose the last of my chains.

          Riddles and metaphors is that all I’m good for? Happy as I ever get, or destructively tearing down my own life as I am now all I spew out of my mouth are riddles and metaphors.

          But what does it matter?

          It is clear that despite all my hard work on this my words will go unread by a so called audience! 5,000 page views, how impressive! And yet? I’ve nothing for it but a slew of poorly constructed paraprapghs and enough stick figures to fill an album twice over. Sorry, Glorified stick figures. Because for some reason I had to be above such docile things as “stick figures.” God forbid I am stuck in that crowd.

          I ramble. I ramble on and on. For what? Nothing. A new approach maybe? Funny not good enough for the world? Cleaver not good enough still? How about angry? I don’t need a lie like self-confidence for that one. I can just spout off all the nonsense I think up and how sad I am with the world, the people in it.  A lot of people become a success online for that. Can I join them? Not likely.


          Because I’m just a shy little boy trying to act big and tough in an adult world where I constantly feel alone because everyone else seems so damned competent in comparison to me. “But Josh, you can do so many things! You can sword fight, and act, and—“

I’ll shut you up there! What do those skills make me? Hm? How on earth will I market those skills to the world today? Me? An actor? The stress would implode my brain before I scarcely began such a trip!

No idea what that is supposed to be, but I made a sound that used those letters and was just bursting at the seams with emotions.

I’ll have a guest post next week. Give me some time to collect my head. My poor little exploded head; so I can get over myself and hopefully move on.

Because at the end of the day being myself wins me nothing. Being a character from a story? Living my life like some giant game? That wins me everything.

Everyone likes someone who is self confidant.

Everyone but me I guess,

They didn’t plan on that one when they started saying that.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Red and Black

Here it is everyone. I promised it and here I deliver. 

Red and Black, my web comic.

I will be adding a new panel every single day. So check back often, there will likely be something new.

Chapter 1: Think Outside the Box

There are already more panels up everyone!
New every day, 
Check it out on its official page located on the pages bar above, or, use this handy dandy link.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming Soon...

Ello Everyone. 

I got into another of my art-y moods again, you may remember what happened last time, and I made this.

I accept that the picture itself is complete and awful sh%$. 

I get that, I say it a lot myself.

But this? This part, I am happy with. 

Say Hello to Lisa everyone, theoretically you will be seeing more of her soon. 

Why is that?

Well that is because this summer I hope to really open up on how much work I do for this site, for myself, for a lot really.

I want to start two separate web-comics to do as well as my weekly posts.

Lisa is the protagonist of my single panel comic titled "No Profile,"

You might have caught onto that with the awful picture above. It is an adventure of romance, relationships, shy girls, stuffed bears, heart apples, and zombies.

The other comic is called "Red and Black." A return of my classic glorified stick figure style; an adventure of love, symbolic connections, opposing colors, swords, boxes, perspective, and zombies.

Really, I just end up adding zombies to everything I make sooner or later. 

But hey,
It sells. 

Regardless take note now, I plan to do MORE! Not that I ever really did less then most people, or that this is to be better then other people; I am going to do more then I do. A very challenging battle. Ever time I get an advantage my opposition has a trick up his sleeve. 

Seriously though, my plan is to take this internet niche of mine to a whole new level. I want to go pro baby. Not, drop my job, hate my life when things are not perfect, eat nothing but ramen, live off my friends, ruin life.
No, this is more like adopting a second job. I just want to try my hardest at this. 

And if I make it?

I cannot even fathom how amazing that would be. Tell stories? For a living? My lord, my goodness, my everything, dreams are made of that. 

I want to draw more, I want to write poems, I want to expand to you tube, I want to get to the top lists of Reddit; I want to prove I can be a success.

Because I'm a character Ladies and Gentlemen. 

I live a life people can read about.

And I like it that way.