Friday, March 4, 2011

Harry Potter

I’m going to go out on a limb and say most of us remember harry Potter right?
I’ve never really been a big follower of any series but I was a huge fan of Harry Potter for years. I mean, I was not drawing lightning bolts on my head, though I was being struck by them.

This morning as I was walking about a crazishly populated street I found myself wanting a petrificus totalus spell; which I recall being an effective way of removing annoying people.

This was a little odd as usually I settle for wanting a giant laser to do the job,

But I was not complaining.
I then took it upon myself to think of just how awesome it would be if every spell I could remember from Harry Potter was all of a sudden real.
Accio my keyes!

Alohomora I forgot my keyes!

Stupify that ass who sits by me on the bus some times and just looks at all the girls undressing them with his eyes.

Wingardium leviosa my… well everything really that would just be a lot of fun.

That is seriously the first thing I thought of using that spell to do.
Then I start to get confused about something sempra or another. Sectumsempra? Rictusempra? Either those are the same spell and I am only confusing myself or they are two different spells and do very different things. Or maybe Sempra is a root and they do similar things…

Ok, so I looked it up, they are different spells.
I’m not even sure what rictasempra does but my friend tells me it tickles people, kinda cool.
Sectasempra however is that spell that messed Draco up in “Half Blood Prince.”
Now I thought that was a rather bad ass scene and all, but really that spell is basically Avadakadavra in this world because there is no way you would not bleed out before anyone showed up to help you.
Oh yeah and its m a g i c.

Real question is if you could only have one of the spells, which one would you choose?
I cheated and looked one up, Episkey. Heals you, would be really nice with everything I get into.

But Wingardium leviosa was a close second. I mean, who would not want to make things move around with magic?

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