Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquake = Chocolate Death


It happened.

What of it.

Oh right, I was there.

Well, in it.
I was at work. A location that seldom has anything to do with my stories. But earthquakes are rare things around here and often times create exceptions.
And property damage.

Just kidding. I’m lactose intolerant.

Now, I was in the middle of dancing around,

a common practice in my free time at work.
(The man payed me in three robots, after tax, a fair trade.)

when I felt the earth move under my feet.

I immediately presumed that something had exploded.

Only it didn’t stop.

The light fixtures above me started doing this whole “I’m going to kill you.” Thing.

Which caused me to you know, get the hell away from the light fixture.

Only the light fixture brought insurance of my demise.
See, I told you there was chocolate in here.

But the light fixture was actually a total pansy.

Wussed out on killing me and the whole thing ended.

I also found out that the chocolate we sell is surprisingly well packaged for earthquakes....

Clever Chocolate...

Friday, August 19, 2011


I find I really don't enjoy surprises. 

Not the bad ones anyway.

Maybe I would enjoy a good one, but those don't seem to happen much of ever.

For example:

Recently I have found myself in a new line of work. Not my original intention as I liked my old line of work quite a bit. 

Due to legal issues and all that I'll not say any names. But know this, I had time while working to doodle on a sketch pad and to write some lines for stories. 

Which basically makes it an idea job in my mind. 

Imagine my surprise when my boss tells me not to go into work all the next week.

I always want to say that talking to my boss is not a bad thing. That maybe she just wanted to give me a tip, or let me know about some event going on later.

But no.

She was telling me I was going to have a hard time paying for anything for the next seven days. 

A plastic smile may have pretended to show a level of understanding from my part.

This would of course be a lie. 

This was the first thing I drew when I got back to my room to see my co workers again, I think it accurately describes how I felt at the time. 

I really don't like bad news like that. 

Actively draining one of the few things I come to grow dependent on as a constant in my life.

This of course only got worse as I talked to my co-worker/ friends about it. 

Quickly leading to me drawing this picture.

Though it was, and is, likely an overly dramatic reaction, I do tend to be overly dramatic. 

And I may have worried a few of my co-workers in the process.

This is not a sad story though. So do not get too worried about that.

Sometimes life throws curve balls at you.

Like telling you not to go into work for a week.

Or the next one.

Or for three weeks.

Or makes it impossible to pay all your expenses in life not because you did anything wrong, just because you "don't need to come into work."


But I am a productive man. 

I used that time to get a new job which is something like this.

Only there are no dinosaurs, I do not have a view of a volcano from my window, nor does my job have anything to do with a well.

There are trees around us though. 

Sometimes you have to get moving even when you don't want to.

Sometimes you have to make changes with things you were completely happy with.

Sometimes you have to make do with what you can get.

And to everyone else out there that this has ever happened to. 

Damn it sucks.


Friday, August 12, 2011

New Art

So new art style I have been working on...

I'm actually quite happy with it- 
I know I know who am I and what have I done with the real Joshua?

But seriously I enjoy it. 

Not perfect. But certainly movement; a change. 

Yes I actually stand like that, and yes more often then I likely should.

I wish I had more then just some pictures to show you all this week, wish I had more of a story to tell you, but I've just started this new job,

and I keep making friends,
and not so friends,
and I'm not so good at the cash register, 
though I'm good at selling things!
And I did almost die before work today.
Choking alone in my house. 

Bad way to go.

And not so bad of a story...

maybe some other time. 


Friday, August 5, 2011

silhouettes and the internet

I love silhouette art work. I used to do a lot more of it. Capturing the actions of my friends, and my own actions as well, in frozen moments of time, devoid of identification. Only a shadow of what actually transpired. 

It is all about the story. What can the shadow tell of the life it lives under? What does each line represent? 

All you are left with is a simple profound concept. A movement, an action. Like this picture here, we only know so much. There is a hat, there is movement. Perhaps a punch?

Though as you may see I do break such rules. For my silhouettes lie. They hold tell tale signs of the people the were before. A tie for example. 

But art is a fickle thing in the end. While I am over joyed by such simple things like these pictures and my glorified stick figures I cannot assume others are as well. 

I'm stuck in a crossroads recently with all this art related work here on the internet, my silhouettes reminding me of other times i tried such things. 

The internet has this annoying fact where a lot of what goes on has to do with luck. How lucky am I? Will people find my blog? My stories? 

Of course some do. I love it very much when people find my work, makes me feel like I've really accomplished something. But it has been so many months now. 

How little my impact feels. I don't have any cushion of comments to remind me that people read. I don't have millions of page views to show me I have fans. Over time this feeling builds up inside of me; 

Am I just not lucky? Or am I just no good? I want to tell myself it has to be luck. I have some people who come back to my site. I love them for it. I make people laugh with my stories. I'm entertaining, or else really good at faking it because my friends all seem to think so and I rather value their opinion. 

I don't get messages specifically stating I suck at what I am trying. So that's one more for my "it is all luck" mentality. The worst part being everything about this is speculation.

And i know it is not just me. All over the internet there are other people just as talented, or more so, then myself with the same problem. It can be so hard to work on something you love when no one seems to care. 

I wish I could find all of us unlucky artisans of the internet. I wish we could band together and create something that would be so grand no luck would be needed to find it. 

But how do you find something that is not being found?