Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Zombie Survival Radio

Once again I am back ladies and gentlemen! 

I know it has taken me a very long time, but know that I have been working hard to get something very fantastic up and running.

May I present to you all, the Zombie Survival Radio.

If you like adventure, survival, and of course zombies, 

This is a place I highly recommend. 

It is a sort of novel, with doodles, that is constantly evolving right here on the internet, and is largely influenced by works such as Hatchet, and The Hunger Games. 

I'll be working on it constantly, so feel free to join up in the story of a world that has already ended!

I've missed you all terribly, 

See you there! 

- Mr. Joshua -

Friday, September 30, 2011

Farewell and Goodbye.

Can you believe it has been a whole year already? 

That's right. It was around a year ago I started putting this whole thing together. 

It will still be a little while till I would get that first post up here, but I started pulling it all together around now. 

A whole year. 

Long time. Longest I have ever worked on one project before. 

But it was a really good year. Only wrote about half the stories I had planned to write, but I got a few really good ones in there. 

Yes you read that right. That slight insinuation, the mild tell tale hint,

I'm done here. 

The End of Mr. Joshua as a story teller of my own random acts in life. 

I'll always be a story teller sure. But now I have even bigger plans!

I've a whole team together and we are going to make something that will outshine FALSL a thousand to one. 

But I wanted to say thank you to everyone who read, hopefully enjoyed, and supported me through all this. 

I proved a lot to myself and hope to see you all around my new work when that finally gets up and running!

Don't worry, I'll add a link when I do.

So thank you everyone! 

And as a final gift goodbye here are all the picture I finished, but never got to write the stories too.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Collaboration is a wonderful thing.

Working together with someone to reach a common goal can lead to so much productivity!

Not to mention great ideas you may miss on your own.

Honestly, I simply cannot stress how wonderfully powerful and entertaining collaborative work is.

I guess I should explain.

I've made a new friend in my adventures through life. A talented one no less, my favorite.

Her name is Cat.

This morning I thought it would be neat if we made up a story.

I cannot really say I've done so with someone else before. I've sort of mashed two stories together. I've added characters to other  peoples stories,

but a real collaborative work?

Not till then.

Just the level of work we accomplished was fantastic. In what seemed like no time at all we had a whole story with quirky additives and hilarious characters. We even have the movie adaptation planned out.

This may be old news for everyone else out there,

but collaboration is simply fantastic when you have the right people.

Or in my case, person.

So it looks like I'll be writing a book~!

I'm sure it will have lots of doodles too.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Omnibus 2

I am afraid,

Of just about everything.

No seriously I am.

Everything new or foreign to me, so a lot of things, freaks me the hell out. You want to see me freak out? Watch me try  to get a job. I FLIP* out.  

* I only literally flipped that one time, which was just because my job at the time wanted to know if I could. I cannot.

I do however fight these fears. I don’t let them stop me from living my life. In fact is is likely because of them that I try so hard in almost everything I do. I have to try that much harder just to get there.

I desire to be unique.

Not that people cannot do what I do. Nor that I cannot do what others do. I strongly believe that everything has at some point been done. 

I just want to choose what I want to do outside of the influences from society and my peers. 

which reminds me....

I hate most norms of society. 

Don't get me wrong, some are great. The whole "Don't randomly kill people" one is very good in my opinion. 

It is the close minded ones that hold back change, the future, and everything that keeps the world interesting that I hate. I will in fact be very vocal about this, draw many pictures about it, and much more if provoked. 

So if you want an intense conversation of passion, pull this one out on me. 

Not quite sure how to connect to this one but,

I am lonely. 

So very much so. There is a part of me deep inside that I cannot seem to fill no matter how hard I try. My heart screams out that a person can fill that void inside me, but as it stands, I am very lonely. 

I'm not sure why, I feel loved, I know I am cared for. Something inside me however constantly battles with me and leaves me feeling lonely. 

Ironically enough the more people are around the more lonely I feel. 

I'm not much of a party kinda guy I guess.

Some of you may want to know however, 

How to make me happy.

I am in all matters of the word, fun, when I am happy. Ask anyone I work with or play with. I am so much more, and in general, fun when I am happy. 

Wanting me to be happy is a direct benefit for everyone around. 

I'm not especially hard to make happy either. 

See those giant words I wrote up there? 

That is the gist of my point here. 

Encourage me. 

Be creative about how you try and make me happy. 

Instead of just thinking that you may have a good time with me, let me know. I love to know that people think. By voicing your opinion un-requested like that, I promise you will get a smile. 

Presents are wonderful things. A little one can go a long way. 

Something as simple as a sticky note, or a random text, telling me something you like about me, or something you would like to do just us. 

That will make me happy. 

Biggest of all though? I am super duper happy when I accomplish something. So if you want to win in the long run, help me on any of my many projects I work so hard on. Pay day is when we accomplish something major in the project.

I promise it is worth it. 

If you need me to forgive you...

What the hell did you do? 

I am not an easy person to upset like that. I may get disappointing, roll my eyes easily, and even groan a whole lot, but if you get to the point where you need my forgiveness.... 

Well I hope you at least read this. That is a step in the right direction. 

There are only a few key triggers that will get me super pissed off.

At that point, I hope you are sorry for what you did. 

Fighting with me over it will do absolutely nothing but turn me into a malicious word spewing serpent.

I promise that is not a good thing. 

Try the conventional methods. Say sorry, try to make me happy, that is a big one, and most of all do not do it again. 

I'll likely never forget what you did, but I always move forward. So work with forward. 

Oh yeah, those key things...

I will be upset, no questions about it, if you...

Scream. I hate it when people scream. Raise your voice? Sure. Change your tone? Any time you want. 

But my god if you scream. Like an "I'm mad at you, myself, whatever" scream. You will have unlocked a primal evil in my soul that will be hell bent on removing any part of your mind that found that to be a good idea. Done and done. Do NOT do that if you ever want to get along with me. **

** mind you if you need to scream for an emergency that is totally different. If you scream as in a  "help!" scream. I will drop everything to figure out/fix the problem. 

Stop talking to me. Communication is a huge key in my life. I don't need to hear from people all the time, but if we are friends, or what have you, we need to talk and communicate.

 Especially if we are upset with one another! 

Negative feelings about one another fester over time. Without words, we will lose everything without even trying. 

In fact our lack of action will be the weapon that did the deed of killing our relationship. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Omnibus Of Mr. Joshua

Dear friends, future fans, and lovers,

I often wish that people knew me better. Wish people knew the question to ask, the answers to seek, and everything in-between.

So one day I decided to write it all out. Explain who I am so everyone could know. So I could know, and give reference to who I am.

Some of which I already started explaining here and here as well.

But I wanted a place to pull it all together.

Lets begin from the top.

My name is Joshua.

Joshua Jenkins.

I love to tell stories, I have an adequate mastery of words in the English language, I am a would be cartoonist of glorified stick figures, and I love swords and zombies more then most things on the planet.

But this is all very shallow information. Let us delve deeper.

I love to ask questions, and answer them in turn.

I commonly play the “Question Game,” or “Awkward Game,” as I sometimes call it, with people I’ve had to fortune to meet and enjoy the company of in life.  

But why do I love questions?

Questions act as a gateway to figuring out who someone is, and to letting someone know you. Similarities within people can act as good catalysts for a bond between people. But Questions lead to an understanding of who a person is, building a stronger bond without the necessity of a common outside influence.

Is that to say I bond with everyone I ask questions to? No, not at all. But it does let me know who I want to bond with, and the mind often does what it wants.

Moving on,

I want to be a professional cognitive thinker.

I want to become an Internet celebrity for my creative works. I want to wake up everyday and work, with skilled and talented people, to make those YouTube videos you all love so much, to write books, make a movie, write comics, and always always always, tell more stories.

Also note worthy, I want this more then anything in my life.

Every waking moment I am not at work I am working for that very goal, or, trying to manage the levels of stress such large scale dreams leave on my shoulders... speaking of which,

I am a stressed person.

Now, I gather everyone is a stressed person from time to time. I am not trying to say I am so much more so then anyone else, just that I get stressed out sometimes.

Incidentally it is all my own fault. The idle levels of stress my life propagates are very small in comparison to the levels of stress I bring upon myself with my outlandish dreams.

The real kicker is that my stress develops around abstract concepts I have little to no control over. Like luck.

And I know this.

Which is how I work to cope with such stresses.

Enough about such unfortunate things.

I am a rather intelligent person, but more important then that,

I love to learn.

From seemingly useless facts, to new skills, I love to learn and develop as a person. In my mind it is through learning that things change. Change being the device by which the story of life moves forward and remains interesting to the audience. The audience being all of us people.

And this ties into the fact that I,

Analyze everything.

From how you stand, to the words you choose to say, or not say, I am pulling together more information about you then you ever hoped to let out. This is a derivative from years of study and a strong desire to understand things. Especially people. Not to mention “Criminal Minds” is a really addictive show.

I am however, inherently shy.

I know a number of people who would protest to my claim at being shy. But I am and always have been. A depressed and defiance of social norms throughout my early teenage years often left me a loner outside of groups of friends. Even the strong friendships I fostered were founded on a basis of being shy and quite. Nothing more the praise and agreement leaving my lips.

It was after years where only luck garnered anything of value in my life that I decided I wanted more. I wanted a life of adventure and excitement, one luck was not giving me. A life being shy was not going to get.

So I decided to battle against my innate nature and act less shy. Which I still do today. Years of practice making me quite good at it most of the time.

I cannot however just up and change who I am. Little gaps and breaches in my facade showing up every now and then.

Just look at this post.

And the more you get to know me, the more cracks you will see.

I love to think.

case and point here.

I think all the time about dozens of different things. In fact you could ask me at any given moment of my day and I will likely be able to tell you at least three things I am thinking at that very moment.

I Like to be eccentric.

More evidence here.

From what I wear, to how I act, walk, talk, and think, I like to be a little different. One step off from the norm. Leading my life as if I were some comic book character.

I am driven.

Bored is a word I save only for when stuck in a place I never wanted to be, away from everything I care about, for hours and hours at a time. I am passionate about most things in my life. FALSL here being one of the more passionate and driving things in my life.

If you want me to love you...

In general, as a lover, or you just want me to like your company-

I try to be in life what I love.

Think about that for a moment. Does it make sense? Let me explain. Look at the things I mentioned about my personality before.

Now question if you are in any way smiler to me.

I love shy girls,
I love story tellers,
I even love to see people stressed a little about there own ambitions.

Your best bet however, above all things in the world is,

be skilled.

Be talented at something. You don’t even have to be very good. Just be passionate towards a skill of your own.

Skilled people have a special place in my heart. Because it is with them I will craft beautiful things. It is with skilled people that I feel most alive, it is with skilled people I accomplish my dreams.

Your personality however,

Will be the defining line of if I like you. All these other things can help you, but it is personality that will sell the deal.


There is a lot more about me then what I have written here.

Some of you may have some ideas in mind already.

Or maybe I even wrote a blog post about some other aspect?

Either way, let me know if you can think of something I should add in the comments and I’ll be sure to update the “Omnibus of Mr. Joshua.”

Yup. That is what I am going to call this.