Friday, March 25, 2011

Aliens! jk

I can feel it, rising up inside me, its talon like tendrils tearing into me as it pulls itself higher and higher.

I try and act like it is nothing. A “Minor inconvenience,” I tell myself. It will “just stop on its own,” I tell myself.

What a lie.

It only grows stronger, day and night, ripping me apart! My skin crawls at the mention of it, my mind freezes at the thought of it.

Slowly I start to break into pieces. Parts of it sticking out of me at odd angles as it finds my weak points; trying to rip itself from my chest! And I would help rip it out, if I could survive the experience.

Though who am I fooling? I’ll likely die from this regardless. It clouds my mind, dragging moments out into what seem like eons.

And of course here she is again, this infectious creature that would do this to me. Irony would demand of me to see her at least one more time before this atrocity does me in.
Why could she not have just torn me apart herself!? Name your method it would be better than this. She is likely watching, knowing what she has done to me. Purposefully refusing to end me now, so she can watch.

Too late!

Game Over!

My will is spent, I give up.

Do as you well vile temptress of fate…

Love, you win.

Ello everyone! 

This is my farcical representation of how alike those aliens that burst through your chest are to inner emotions of a crush and such.

At least they are to me...

Hope you liked it! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ello everyone.
As you probably put together my blog here is where I talk about the crazy adventures in my life.
I would also like to add however that I’m not above giving credit where credit is due.
A band by the name of “Protomen” is the just cause of such credit. This group of people got together and started a rock band; not all that original. Protomen however is not just a rock band, they are a rock band who made a rock opera.
A megaman rock opera.

And it is actually good,

Really really good.

If you have not already heard them I do suggest you look them up on YouTube or Google; these are the sort of people that deserve to be ridiculously popular.

Nyx and Gabriel are the two who indoctrinated me into the ways of the protomen. Hours and hours of music, along with lots of singing, and I have to admit they are quite good.

It is not simply that the music is good rock music, which it very much is, it is that they took something dear to me, megaman, just a series of games that are fun to play and are typically really hard. They then took this and gave it a new meaning. Protomen revealed a pseudo underlining story to the megaman world and gave it such a powerful emotional connection: the likes of which megaman had never even attempted to reach with me.

Protomen took megaman and gave it a story that reaches down into the fundamental core structure of how humans work; sounding awesome all the while.

The songs they sing over there two acts of megaman amazement have songs you will sing in your car and will catch you unaware on some lazy Sunday as you suddenly remember a need to listen to them again.

Personally I just love to see people passionate about something that I can agree with and make something beautiful, like the protomen, out of it.

After all that’s what I’m trying to do. Not a rock opera, but a story that people can connect to; something worth reading, worth knowing about. Protomen are just a lot farther on that journey then I am, and rightly so.

Again I implore you to try listening to them.
Just in case you could not find it on your own.
Hey Mr. Joshua why so many reposted pictures lately? 

I'm sorry everyone yesterday was the most recent in a long line of technical problems. I actually had a full tech blackout yesterday no connection to the internet at all. It was weird; I feel like if I'm not connected to the internet I miss something vitally important that day...

That is why the post is late, why there are not many new pictures. No new pictures in fact, for this post. 

I'm working hard on getting things back to a smooth functioning machine and next week should be a lot better. I hope.

The problem is I am using a computer too old for all this and in denial about it so I don't have to buy another. Computers are expensive after all and I have never even pretended to say I have enough money to go buy a new one on a whim. 

Sorry again.

-Mr. Joshua-

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Glorified Stick figures

“Glorified Stick Figures,” that is what I call my attempt at art.

Recently I got it into my head that I should learn to be a better artist; this happens about once a month or so. I look at all the art I have done over the years, there is quite a lot, and I say “Yeah! I can get better!”

This is clearly a lie.

I just worked for three hours,

This is what I got.
(In case you are wondering yes, that is Gabriel and Nicole up there with me; I like to draw them too.)

The funny thing is my style has actually changed a lot over the years. I just feel as though what I’m doing now is actually worse than what I use to be able to draw. I mean, I used to draw eyes, there was an actual difference between body weights, and girls were more than just sticks with boobs; though men are just sticks with boxes.

All in all I had some other drawing skills, and I can still draw them if I try; my sketchbook is full of them. So why did I start drawing these glorified stick figures? Not to mention, why is that all I seem to draw anymore?

Wait, now I remember; mobility.

In the art styles I used to draw in my characters felt so cookie cutter. They all had such limited movement. I always have drawn cartoon-e things, and thusly my drawings physics were a bit hampered. I wanted to be able to draw more dynamic poses…
Well, I can now.

Can’t draw that in my other styles.

Well, over all I can only draw glorified stick figures on the computer anyway. That is to say, I can only draw the others on paper. It would be a lot of work to get those on to here with my glorified stick figures…

Regardless I am sorry everyone, I had an awesome post ready for today. There were velociraptor. Well, there is one velociraptor.

I’ll have it for you next week, for now, I’m just really burned out. It really stinks to try so hard on something like art only to end up slapping myself in the face with completely par work. 

Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Harry Potter

I’m going to go out on a limb and say most of us remember harry Potter right?
I’ve never really been a big follower of any series but I was a huge fan of Harry Potter for years. I mean, I was not drawing lightning bolts on my head, though I was being struck by them.

This morning as I was walking about a crazishly populated street I found myself wanting a petrificus totalus spell; which I recall being an effective way of removing annoying people.

This was a little odd as usually I settle for wanting a giant laser to do the job,

But I was not complaining.
I then took it upon myself to think of just how awesome it would be if every spell I could remember from Harry Potter was all of a sudden real.
Accio my keyes!

Alohomora I forgot my keyes!

Stupify that ass who sits by me on the bus some times and just looks at all the girls undressing them with his eyes.

Wingardium leviosa my… well everything really that would just be a lot of fun.

That is seriously the first thing I thought of using that spell to do.
Then I start to get confused about something sempra or another. Sectumsempra? Rictusempra? Either those are the same spell and I am only confusing myself or they are two different spells and do very different things. Or maybe Sempra is a root and they do similar things…

Ok, so I looked it up, they are different spells.
I’m not even sure what rictasempra does but my friend tells me it tickles people, kinda cool.
Sectasempra however is that spell that messed Draco up in “Half Blood Prince.”
Now I thought that was a rather bad ass scene and all, but really that spell is basically Avadakadavra in this world because there is no way you would not bleed out before anyone showed up to help you.
Oh yeah and its m a g i c.

Real question is if you could only have one of the spells, which one would you choose?
I cheated and looked one up, Episkey. Heals you, would be really nice with everything I get into.

But Wingardium leviosa was a close second. I mean, who would not want to make things move around with magic?