Red and Black



I know I know. 
"What about that voice?"
"Why did he push her? Why did he jump?"

Red and Black is in actuality some series of hundreds of panels long. Only 150 of which I have outlined. 

More importantly though when I started to work on Red and Black I said to myself,

"I'll draw at least 50 pictures for Red and Black."

So I did.

And I got a little interest from the internet worlds. 

But that interest died out about the time I got to 80 pictures. 

So I wrapped it up at 95 - 94 and a sneak peak of a picture hundreds of panels forward.

This way I can say I worked very hard on it, and even go back to it if people ever decide to tell me they want more of it.

So if you do want more of R&B, just let me know.