Friday, April 1, 2011

The minions of cold

So up here where I am at, because for some reason I assume where I live is higher than where you live...
Hold on I can check this.

Ok so, down here where I live it is cold, it is also winter-ish, so that is not very surprising. What is surprising is how cold it has gotten. I’m not surprised because of the temperature, it is only about 30 degrees out there which is not all that cold.

The scary part is that yesterday it was 78 degrees. I’m talking F° here. In less than twenty four hours we lost more than half of the heat around us.

This has been tearing people apart.

Most of this happened while we were asleep. The temperature started to fall and simply never came back.
When I woke up this morning I was not only cold, I was exhausted. Even now as I write this my eyes are heavy and I want to take a nap.

So here is my hypothesis.

The minions of the overlord of cold came to steal our heat to use them as slaves.

As you can imagine most people would not stand for this and thusly fought back while we were asleep.
I imagine it looked something like this.

It looks like it was not the most successful battle on our side though as we only retained half of our heat by the end of it.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the overlord of cold’s minions had weapons and thus the advantage.

This is obviously the only logical conclusion to make.

I've begun plans for a counter attack.

*Update* - a few hours later -

I've spent the day walking around and commending people on how tired they are.

*Update* -  a few more hours later -

Just talked to someone who was not tired. The traitor!

*Update* - the next day -

It is actually colder today. The forces of the overlord of cold are much stronger then I had predicted.

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