Monday, December 13, 2010


This is how I feel right now.
And not really sure where I am.
Typically I can handle each one of these problems as they arise with positive thinking and activities of fun.
Recently that has not been happening.
You may be thinking, Joshua, where are all your pictures? You normally have a handful by now.
Well esteemed audience that would be tied to the lack of my favorite weathered paper backgrounds.
My computer is effectively out of commission. I’ve had it for years now and as computers do they die eventually.
We did a lot together; many crazy stories only exist because of help from my computer. This blog was only possible with help from my computer.
So my computer, may this be your virtual tombstone.
Rest in peace.
That is rain by the way.

I can still draw in case you are wondering. It is just a lot harder at the moment. I need to use a free artist program on the computer, I have a screen that is far too small, and now I just feel like I’m complaining. Which is exactly what I said I would never do on this blog.
Well, let me do my best to give you all something to look forward too.

I’m sure that ends well.
When will that story happen?
Not sure. But I promise to have more pictures and a post next week.
And on time.
Crazy what a computer's death will do to your internet deadlines.
I still feel bad…
So have a present!
An I’m sorry for my late/ awful post, and an early Christmas gift.
A zombie for zombie fans,
And a cat for those who are not.

oh dear.

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