Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Some days I really want to be attacked by ninjas.

Simply going about my day, nothing too exciting, and then BAM ninjas.

I suppose one could look at this to be an implication that I could beat up ninjas. This may or may not be entirely true. I should specify. Some days I just want ninjas, I can beat in a fight, to attack. I really don’t need my day to be ruined by ending up dead.
It needs to be a good fight though. I don’t want 300 pound ninjas attacking; I could just climb some stairs and watch them take their selves out.

Then again, if it was a 300 pound sumo wrestler ninja that may be a bit too much.

Not quite sure how I would fight that.

Now I just feel bad. I can’t be happy with any ninja attacking me. Nooooo, it has to be a certain kind. Gosh I am so needy. 

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Anonymous said...

I love that tree early in this post. Were you being attacked by a girl ninja with that sword? Good work! I cannot wait for more!