Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zombie Chess

The other day while discussing inevitable zombie attack plans with my friend Cyber,

I inadvertently invented zombie chess.

Zombie chess is not all that different from normal chess. You play with the same pieces and they move the same way they usually do. The big difference is how the teams are set up.

To play zombie chess you need two people and a chess set.
The players then need to decide what team they want to be on.

The teams are:


The standard back row of a chess team.


Two rows of pawns.

The game then begins with the zombie team moving first.

Each team has a different goal in this game. While the zombies are trying to kill all the humans, the humans are trying to escape the board. This escape is only possible on the opposite side of the board, behind all the zombies.

When a human piece reaches the other side of the board that piece is removed from the game and has escaped death by zombies. The human player then gets a point, the end goal being to get as many points as you can.

Don’t feel too bad for the zombies however, they get some good perks too.
When a zombie piece dies place it to the side of the game. At the start of a turn where a space is open in the back row of the zombie team side place a zombie piece back on the board.

It gets even more exciting than that. If a zombie pawn makes it to the back row of the human side that zombie pawn evolves. That pawn may then become any of the pieces not originally placed on the board. That is, the back row pieces of the non human color.

And that is how you play Zombie chess, give it a shot!

And tell me what you think.

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Rogelio B. said...

Incredible! Today at morning i was drawing a "zombie chees piece" while i was tinking how could be a "zombie chees game". I imagined two teams: Humans (2 pieces, a tower & a knight for example) and zombies (16 pawns). The goal: eat every zombie before they reach the other side!
I didn't know someone else though almost the same game somewhere else!!!. I really like your idea about transform into zombies the human pieces!!!! have a nice day!