Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming Soon...

Ello Everyone. 

I got into another of my art-y moods again, you may remember what happened last time, and I made this.

I accept that the picture itself is complete and awful sh%$. 

I get that, I say it a lot myself.

But this? This part, I am happy with. 

Say Hello to Lisa everyone, theoretically you will be seeing more of her soon. 

Why is that?

Well that is because this summer I hope to really open up on how much work I do for this site, for myself, for a lot really.

I want to start two separate web-comics to do as well as my weekly posts.

Lisa is the protagonist of my single panel comic titled "No Profile,"

You might have caught onto that with the awful picture above. It is an adventure of romance, relationships, shy girls, stuffed bears, heart apples, and zombies.

The other comic is called "Red and Black." A return of my classic glorified stick figure style; an adventure of love, symbolic connections, opposing colors, swords, boxes, perspective, and zombies.

Really, I just end up adding zombies to everything I make sooner or later. 

But hey,
It sells. 

Regardless take note now, I plan to do MORE! Not that I ever really did less then most people, or that this is to be better then other people; I am going to do more then I do. A very challenging battle. Ever time I get an advantage my opposition has a trick up his sleeve. 

Seriously though, my plan is to take this internet niche of mine to a whole new level. I want to go pro baby. Not, drop my job, hate my life when things are not perfect, eat nothing but ramen, live off my friends, ruin life.
No, this is more like adopting a second job. I just want to try my hardest at this. 

And if I make it?

I cannot even fathom how amazing that would be. Tell stories? For a living? My lord, my goodness, my everything, dreams are made of that. 

I want to draw more, I want to write poems, I want to expand to you tube, I want to get to the top lists of Reddit; I want to prove I can be a success.

Because I'm a character Ladies and Gentlemen. 

I live a life people can read about.

And I like it that way.

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