Friday, June 17, 2011

The Cast

I often times see my own life as a sort of TV show or book of some sort. 

Me playing the role of the protagonist, and on a few occasions the antagonist as well.  

but around all that there is this ever changing cast of characters that show up. Some more then others, and I wanted to dedicate a page to who they are and how I know them just in case anyone is confused OR I want to remember some many days from now. 

First up is my family. 

I am the oldest of five now in my large family. The original divorce was back in the day when I was... seven? I think it was seven. And now It feels like it has been forever since the family has been stretched out across several houses. So to sum it up,

Me - Oldest brother, eccentric, clean.
Bro - 2nd oldest, artist, tennis player, too "cool" for my crazy antics. A neat guy none the less.
Sis - five years younger then me, and 3rd oldest, a cyclone of a mess, amazing pianist and singer.
Lil Bro - Technically step-bro, loves destruction, loud.
Lil Sis - Technically step-sis, shy, already learning how to manipulate people. 

As for the parental units...

Step-Dad - Can build anything, very work oriented, efficient, kind.
Dad - Very fun, secret agent, likes things his way, got me into video games, acts younger then he is, will never understand how he and my actual mom got together.
Mom - Busy, super mom, healthy, busy busy, will never understand how she and my actual dad got together.
Step-Mom - Could be my older sister, played sonic (awesome), tormented by Lil Sis, acts older then she is, lots of fun, oh yeah; black.

Then there are my two closest friends.

Gabriel and Nyx.

Nyx being the one with the big gun and Gabriel being the one mid handstand. 

Nyx is a complicated love interest of mine that remains an anomaly popping up over and over again through time. Though I love her dearly. Supportive and caring she always tries her hardest. 

Gabriel is my best man and commonly referred to as my subconscious. The two of us have over time always crafted fun and wonderful stories together. Crazy, but in an awesome way, and secretly my gay lesbian crush. Which yes, makes no sense right now. But one day, one day, it will be clear.

This bearded man, who I constantly call Cyber, is a friend who I made over in college. A bit cynical and negative, he is always up to helping me out in a pinch. 

The man trying to cut me in half with a laser would be Dr. Society. The persona of society itself and all its evil deeds. 

AND MORE! But for tonight, we shall stop here.

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