Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movie Theatre Mayhem

I have a large family.

And I love them all very much.

But over the years a lot of stories have developed out of our time together. One I can remember quite well took place a number of years ago when we decided to go see a movie…

Movies you see were a big family thing back in that day with my father and step mother. 

We would often go and see some new movie out in theatres and have a great time.

But before we left there was always the little detail of treats that we wanted to take to the movies. After all everything is so expensive once you get inside.

Now on this particular occasion the family had amassed quite the cluster of confectionary treats. That is to say; we had a whole lot of candy.

An entire brown paper bag so full of candy that it threatened to breach its thin barriers and let loose a torrent of sugar that would make any dentist cry.

I was very excited.

So we travel to the theatre, my disguise perfect to hide my candy.

A sweatshirt three sizes too big for me. My hands permanently fused into the pockets as they supported the tumor looking growth underneath that was the bag of candy. That or I was newly pregnant.

Most delicious baby ever.

But the best part of the story is next as we arrive to the movie theatre only to find the movie we want sold out, and nothing else really caught our fancy.

So my family decides that walking around the mall the theatre is in would be a fun substitute. Me, still stuck, looking like I have a beer belly before I have even hit high school.
I am violently nudging my father as we start walking away from the theatre in attempts to express how very NOT OK I was with the current plan.
And then directly in front of a glass pane fronted fancy looking restaurant my hands slipped.

That bag exploded like a stick a grenade. Candy shrapnel was everywhere. It splashed up to the people in the restaurant; it jumped over the balcony onto the people below.  

I was experiencing candy in places I had never experienced candy before and it was not pleasant.

I then noticed that I was surprisingly alone in this epicenter of cavities.

My family was running at max speed as far away from me as they could.

My father ran so fast he may as well have sat down with people in the restaurant and acted surprised with them.

I didn’t even find my sister and step mother till I walked all the way down to the first floor to see them standing in a candy store of all things.

So I don't usually have abandonment issues. But every now and then, especial when candy in involved, it happens. 

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