Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mystery Is Sexier

Though in reality sexier could be replaced with any number of positive adjectives.

I find that I simply love meeting new people.


Because when I don’t know anything about people; just a few traits I can see, there is so much mystery.

Something simple intrigues me. How she sits, her choice of clothes, her eyes. Often times it is her eyes.

And then it all begins. The mystery, the complete lack of anything else about her. Trying to define someone off of so little. Every moment becomes a battle to try and learn more about her. This story unfolding with each minute gem of information.

What is she like? What stories can she tell? What has she been 

My mind starts making stories, dramatic adventures, grand quests and journeys, where she plays the protagonist.

But you know?

I’m probably coming across as trying too hard.


Ah well. 

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