Friday, August 19, 2011


I find I really don't enjoy surprises. 

Not the bad ones anyway.

Maybe I would enjoy a good one, but those don't seem to happen much of ever.

For example:

Recently I have found myself in a new line of work. Not my original intention as I liked my old line of work quite a bit. 

Due to legal issues and all that I'll not say any names. But know this, I had time while working to doodle on a sketch pad and to write some lines for stories. 

Which basically makes it an idea job in my mind. 

Imagine my surprise when my boss tells me not to go into work all the next week.

I always want to say that talking to my boss is not a bad thing. That maybe she just wanted to give me a tip, or let me know about some event going on later.

But no.

She was telling me I was going to have a hard time paying for anything for the next seven days. 

A plastic smile may have pretended to show a level of understanding from my part.

This would of course be a lie. 

This was the first thing I drew when I got back to my room to see my co workers again, I think it accurately describes how I felt at the time. 

I really don't like bad news like that. 

Actively draining one of the few things I come to grow dependent on as a constant in my life.

This of course only got worse as I talked to my co-worker/ friends about it. 

Quickly leading to me drawing this picture.

Though it was, and is, likely an overly dramatic reaction, I do tend to be overly dramatic. 

And I may have worried a few of my co-workers in the process.

This is not a sad story though. So do not get too worried about that.

Sometimes life throws curve balls at you.

Like telling you not to go into work for a week.

Or the next one.

Or for three weeks.

Or makes it impossible to pay all your expenses in life not because you did anything wrong, just because you "don't need to come into work."


But I am a productive man. 

I used that time to get a new job which is something like this.

Only there are no dinosaurs, I do not have a view of a volcano from my window, nor does my job have anything to do with a well.

There are trees around us though. 

Sometimes you have to get moving even when you don't want to.

Sometimes you have to make changes with things you were completely happy with.

Sometimes you have to make do with what you can get.

And to everyone else out there that this has ever happened to. 

Damn it sucks.


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