Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquake = Chocolate Death


It happened.

What of it.

Oh right, I was there.

Well, in it.
I was at work. A location that seldom has anything to do with my stories. But earthquakes are rare things around here and often times create exceptions.
And property damage.

Just kidding. I’m lactose intolerant.

Now, I was in the middle of dancing around,

a common practice in my free time at work.
(The man payed me in three robots, after tax, a fair trade.)

when I felt the earth move under my feet.

I immediately presumed that something had exploded.

Only it didn’t stop.

The light fixtures above me started doing this whole “I’m going to kill you.” Thing.

Which caused me to you know, get the hell away from the light fixture.

Only the light fixture brought insurance of my demise.
See, I told you there was chocolate in here.

But the light fixture was actually a total pansy.

Wussed out on killing me and the whole thing ended.

I also found out that the chocolate we sell is surprisingly well packaged for earthquakes....

Clever Chocolate...

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