Friday, January 28, 2011

Her Name Was Angel

Now that I’m single again there are a lot of old memories floating around in my head. This is very common shortly after a break up. My ex’s all come to my mind and I think of how my relationships and love life have been over the years. What had gone wrong in my most recent relationship, if anything like it had happened before, and so on.

So this time I am thinking about all the fun adventures I’ve had with Ramona, how our relationship fell apart, and if anything like this had ever happened to me before.

I thought of my time with Nicole, but it was nothing like my relationship with Ramona.

Then however I got nostalgic with memories of another girl I dated; the predecessor to Nicole.

Her name was Angel, and yes, I abused that name all the time.

She was my angel in a time where everything seemed boring. She was half Japanese, could speak three languages almost perfectly, had been around the world, and was generally one of the most bad-ass people I have ever met.

Even if she is a little shy at times.

I realize in hindsight that I teased her a lot.

Angel was a good many inches shorter than me, and I commonly would simply pick her up and carry her places. I found it hilarious, and it always made her blush.

And when it snowed, oh how I played with her then.

We would have snowball fights, waging war with one another.

I remember quite well one time where I was easily the instigator.

I just happened to scoop up a snowball and send it her way.

I got her square in the face. I immediately began to apologize, but could not stop a smile from edging across my lips.

She gave me a death glare, not an all that uncommon look from her. She didn’t hate me or anything, it was a look that garnered revenge.

I immediately went to calm her down and give her a hug. Cooing words of “I’m so sorry!” and “I didn’t mean for it to hit you…”

But of course all of that was just a part of my plan.

You see I may have had more snow in my other hand.

And I might have been in a prime situation to have access to Angel’s shirt.

As you can imagine I put snow down Angel’s shirt.

To this day I still love that moment. Where she realized that my hug was just a decoy to distract her, and it had worked.

I am so evil.

Angel hunted me down for the next hour. I ran as fast as I possibly could, but she would not give up on making me pay for my trickery.

The snow was my real problem though, because it slowed me down so much.

Snowballs flew like bullets around me as Angel tried to take me out across the snow covered fields.
Fun fact though, with a strong enough snow fall you can pick up a missed snow ball and throw it back; this lead to my return fire while I ran away.

However Angel’s aim was improving. Simply snatching up a missed snowball to throw back was less and less common as her aim became far more dangerous.

It got to a point where I would time her throws in my mind, turn as she lobbed them at me, and knock them out of the air, bad-ass style.

This caused the battle to stop its linear motion across town and take a circular field for war. We each would fire our cannons of snow while attempting to avoid or deflect any incoming snow based ballistics.

I can only imagine how awesome we must have looked.

It’s been ages since that snow fight and I really don’t remember how it ended. I would not be surprised if I ended up suffering for my actions.

That’s just what I do;

get all nostalgic during these changes from what I have come to accept.

Happens when I move too.

Oh and Angel,

If you are out there,

I miss you.

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