Friday, January 21, 2011

The Society We Live In

Do you know what upsets me? The social interaction of people in our society.

I was sitting here planning out one of my many fun stories for all of you when I was suddenly struck with a desire to go to the gym. This is not really news for me, it is in fact quite common.
Yes. I get to the gym in one super huge jump; evidence of my gym going tendencies.

While at the gym I always think. I always think in general; no idea what people are talking about when they say “I’m not thinking anything.”

I like the track, good place to walk with my, by then, sore arms and abs, and a good place to just let my thoughts wander around and make new ideas.

Then it hit me.

I looked down from the track, a lovely vantage point in the gym, and saw all the people just milling around. Some on machines, others on weights, but everyone was so divided.

Maybe a duo of friends on the bikes, or those three guys all from that same office, but generally alone.
Yet as I looked around I could see a half dozen people I would like to talk too.

I hated it, I hate it, I will continue to hate it.


No one bothers to interact with other people, and I do not just mean the gym. If I do not talk to those people, they will never EVER talk to me.

That just makes me miserably sad.

I’m all about trying to do new things, but I’m still shy on the inside. Still not capable of everything. Not to mention what about the people that I had not thought to talk too? What if they are secretly amazing? I will never know.


No one talks.

Even I’m no good at it…

Curses, CURSES I say!
(This is why I try not to get too upset about things)

I despise this mode of social interaction. Where the person walking in front of me is no person, just a mobile wall to get past.

I need to find a solution for this, I need to talk to people.
Of course it is now where I see it to be so hard.

But like I said, 
I tend to be a little shy.
If only on the inside.

Did talk to a girl named Jaye today though,

I did it once,

Now just a million times more.

Time to change the world! (again!)

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Anonymous said...

That is so true! people really don't interact that much. Or at least after they have met a few people allready. The laser is great by the way.