Friday, January 14, 2011

I wear belts

Yes that is a plural in the title you are reading it correctly. I wear belts, as in more than one.
Did you know that the number of belts you wear is directly correlated to how good your day is?
Look at this graph.

Clearly wearing a belt is an improvement.
But why simply stop ourselves at that?
Stop thinking inside the box,
open up your mind to the possibilities.
Why not multiply the clear benefit of wearing one belt, and wear two?
Maybe even three?
Dare I say four?
Why stop?
Your entire outfit should be completely composed of belts.

Think of how amazing a world we would live in if we all had more belts on?
It’s a beautiful place.
This is the only logical explanation I could find when presented with such information.
Ignorance is the only standing reason I can see to why the street is not full of multibelted people.
It is our responsibility to stand strong!
Belt by belt we can make this world a better place!
Or at least start a new fashion trend.
(This broadcast brought to you by the society of extrapolation)  


cbsuders said...

My favorite part about this blog is the graph. Because a graph is like empirical evidence. I'm convinced I need to wear more belts now. Thanks ;)

tmerlemac said...

most definitely all about the graph.

Mr. Joshua said...

I am so glad you both like the graph!
yay! more belts!
I want to walk down the streets of (insert city name here) and see the populous covered in a myriad of belts!