Friday, March 25, 2011

Aliens! jk

I can feel it, rising up inside me, its talon like tendrils tearing into me as it pulls itself higher and higher.

I try and act like it is nothing. A “Minor inconvenience,” I tell myself. It will “just stop on its own,” I tell myself.

What a lie.

It only grows stronger, day and night, ripping me apart! My skin crawls at the mention of it, my mind freezes at the thought of it.

Slowly I start to break into pieces. Parts of it sticking out of me at odd angles as it finds my weak points; trying to rip itself from my chest! And I would help rip it out, if I could survive the experience.

Though who am I fooling? I’ll likely die from this regardless. It clouds my mind, dragging moments out into what seem like eons.

And of course here she is again, this infectious creature that would do this to me. Irony would demand of me to see her at least one more time before this atrocity does me in.
Why could she not have just torn me apart herself!? Name your method it would be better than this. She is likely watching, knowing what she has done to me. Purposefully refusing to end me now, so she can watch.

Too late!

Game Over!

My will is spent, I give up.

Do as you well vile temptress of fate…

Love, you win.

Ello everyone! 

This is my farcical representation of how alike those aliens that burst through your chest are to inner emotions of a crush and such.

At least they are to me...

Hope you liked it! 

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