Friday, March 11, 2011

My Glorified Stick figures

“Glorified Stick Figures,” that is what I call my attempt at art.

Recently I got it into my head that I should learn to be a better artist; this happens about once a month or so. I look at all the art I have done over the years, there is quite a lot, and I say “Yeah! I can get better!”

This is clearly a lie.

I just worked for three hours,

This is what I got.
(In case you are wondering yes, that is Gabriel and Nicole up there with me; I like to draw them too.)

The funny thing is my style has actually changed a lot over the years. I just feel as though what I’m doing now is actually worse than what I use to be able to draw. I mean, I used to draw eyes, there was an actual difference between body weights, and girls were more than just sticks with boobs; though men are just sticks with boxes.

All in all I had some other drawing skills, and I can still draw them if I try; my sketchbook is full of them. So why did I start drawing these glorified stick figures? Not to mention, why is that all I seem to draw anymore?

Wait, now I remember; mobility.

In the art styles I used to draw in my characters felt so cookie cutter. They all had such limited movement. I always have drawn cartoon-e things, and thusly my drawings physics were a bit hampered. I wanted to be able to draw more dynamic poses…
Well, I can now.

Can’t draw that in my other styles.

Well, over all I can only draw glorified stick figures on the computer anyway. That is to say, I can only draw the others on paper. It would be a lot of work to get those on to here with my glorified stick figures…

Regardless I am sorry everyone, I had an awesome post ready for today. There were velociraptor. Well, there is one velociraptor.

I’ll have it for you next week, for now, I’m just really burned out. It really stinks to try so hard on something like art only to end up slapping myself in the face with completely par work. 

Thanks for reading.

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