Friday, April 29, 2011

Sword Fighting Girl

Little known fact; I’m a sword fighter.

I can actually fight with just about anything, years and years of training and all that. Swords are just my favorite.

I’m not the best ever, but I can seriously kick some ass when I need to.  Case and point, my last week’s post, and that was unarmed.

But this is not a post about me kicking butt, quite the contrary, this is a post about how awesome it would be to have my butt kicked.

I was just talking to my good man Gabriel when we started a lovely discussion about how I would find it amazing if a girl bested me in sword fighting.

I can see it now,

It would be love at first disarm.

Or dis-arm.

Either way I have likely lost the battle.

I’ve dueled a good many people in my life. Won a lot of them, lost a good number of them as well.

But I’ve never lost to a girl.

Losing a sword fight to a girl, instant crush, and more than a wee bit sexy I might add.

The thing is so much of my self confidence- hell all of it – is built around my ego, which is built around my ability to do things well, which started when I figured out I was a gifted swordsman.

Gabriel then brought up a good point.

“What if she beat you with something other than a sword?”

“Well if she has a gun it’s not quite the same.”

“It also implies I’ve been shot.”

“No no, I mean like a bo staff or something.”

“That could work.”

“I didn't mean anything like a gun.”

“Yeah, guns do kind of kill the challenge curve, me being the challenge curve.”

“Orbital satellite laser?”

wait... this seems familiar....

Though that would explain the whole getting struck by lightning thing a little bit.


See family?

I was not being stupid. I was just trying to meet the girl of my dreams. I just said sword fight, she thought I said lightning fight.

I’m sure people make that mistake all the time.

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Anonymous said...

You can sword fight? That is rather cool. Good Job,keep on posting.