Friday, December 3, 2010

The Birthday it Finally Snowed: Chapter 1

I always want it to snow on my birthday. I’ve always wanted it to snow on my birthday. My birthday is on the seventh of February so it can actually happen.  I mean, I’m not some hopeless July birthday boy asking for the world to shift drastically while not understanding the consequences.

Every year when I was young I planned my birthdays with a plan B “If it snows, we go outside.” I even put it on my birthday invitations to warn everyone about clothing to bring.

This was one of my actual cards; I had to tape that little extra part onto each one.

But it never snowed. Each year my hopes would build up and each year nature would break my heart.
I tried everything…

Flushing ice cubes down the toilet.

Wearing my pajamas… inside…out…. Er, just take my word for it. In doodle land we only wear skin tight spandex for some reason.

Indian snow dance, think of an Indian rain dance but with more limb flailing and me having no idea what I am doing.

I tried bribery.


Damned right I’m a monster, a monster who wants his snow.

Nothing worked. The years passed, I grew more desperate, but nothing would make it snow.

By my fourteenth birthday I’d completely given up hope.  It would never snow on my birthday, such was my curse. This did not have to be completely horrible though; there was a silver lining. There is always a silver lining, and here it was my party. Every year I would have my party outside in the park or at my house. Either way I had the party somewhere where at the drop of a hat I could run out into the snow. For my fourteenth birthday I threw that rule out. Nature had forsaken me, I would forsaken nature. It was time for laser tag.
It was a wonderful party

Lasers flew…

Friends died…

Heroes were born…

And victory was mine.

We played for hours. There was cake, it was delicious. I got presents, they were toys, I loved them.
The party ended,
I said goodbye,
I walked outside,

It had snowed the whole time.
My mind stopped. I didn’t know if I should be happy that it finally snowed, or angry I just spend all the snowfall inside. I was vaguely aware of my mother shepherding me into the car, to drive us off to our next destination. But all I could see was the snow.  

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