Friday, December 31, 2010

I May Have Single Handedly Stopped Pirates

I think I may have singled handedly stopped pirates.

Or at least the online variety anyway.

As is common in my life, I was thinking one day. Not about much in particular just the world and how it all fits together.
Then I had an idea.
I thought why do people pirate things?
Well because it’s expensive to buy things.
So how do we stop that?
Quite simple really, make everything free.
Feel free to be confused such a thing is understandable in a world run by spending and making money.
I’ll back up.
First someone needs to make a game, or a movie. It could be a whole team of people that’s fine too. Then they need to decide how much this game or movie is worth and how much they want to make off of the game.
Then get behind a big name like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Square Enix, you get the picture.
Now spread the word about this game or movie that has been made.
Tell everyone.
Then start a web page online where people can go and pay for this game or movie. As little as a dollar and as much as they want.
Say you expect the game to make 500,000 dollars.
Set the bar to 500,000 and,

If the game or movie seems good enough,
I bet you 500,000 people would gladly pay a dollar for it.
When the 500,000 is met make the product free ware and offer hosting of its download.

Now the game or movie is free from the moment it is available.
No way to pirate it,
And you make the money you want without fear of sales issues.
I know there are some problems, like how Halo and other large games, or movies, make millions of dollars, and that’s asking for a lot of people.
But smaller games, like downloadable content games for the Xbox, Will and Ps3 could probably get away with this.
Or some high end flash like games on the computer.
Just a thought.
But I sure would love to play a dollar for a game I really like.
That would give so many people an extensive game library to play.
But maybe this idea is not capitalist enough for America.
Maybe it’s a pipe dream that will never work.
But you know what I think?
It would be awesome.
But that’s me, what do all of you think?
That’s right.
I asked you a question.
That means to answer me you would have to e-mail me.
Stop hyperventilating.
It’s going to be ok.
I have faith in you.

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