Friday, December 24, 2010

I've been struck by lightning

I’ve been struck by lightning.
It was a very unique experience and I remember it quite well.
You see I love the rain. I dance in it, sing in it, play in it, over all I just enjoy it a lot.
So when a storm comes rolling around I don’t hide away inside I go and great it with cheer.

On one such stormy night I was going for a nice stroll in the rain.
A few miles passed under my feet and just as I was walking across one random street to meet back up with the sidewalk,
It happened.

I was struck by lightning.

The whole world went white. So white that this picture is not white enough. My eyes were overloaded with light and in what could not have been more than a fraction of a moment my mind worked at super human speed. I don’t know why or how, but in that moment I thought of a dozen things at once and came to conclusions I had been looking for the entire walk.

One of which was that I discovered I want to sell candy for a living. But that is a story for a later time.

The light faded and I found myself standing frozen in place not sure if that had really just happened or not. I appeared to be alive, and that was the bases of my skepticism.
Then the thunder struck.

I have never, and never will again, hear something so loud. I was physically forced to my knees involuntarily trying to escape from the sheer volume of the booming. It stabbed into my head. My eyes hurt from the noise, which really didn’t make sense.
As the thunder faded away I stood up shaking violently. The world had returned to normal like nothing ever happened.
 As my hearing returned I head the distant cries of a man’s voice and looked over to see a stopped car in the adjoining road to the one I was on. He was frantically calling out for me. “Are you all right? You just got struck by lightning!” Is all I made out before another boom of thunder nearby drowned him out. I nodded my head finding words beyond me at the moment.
After that I walked home, well more of a run, but that’s it. Another day in the life of me; this one just had a bit more pizzazz.
I’m not sure if I am really unlucky these things keep happening to me,
Or just really lucky that I’m alive.
I think I’ll take an optimistic view today. 

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Twilight said...

So that's what being struck by lightning feels like huh? Interesting story.