Saturday, April 23, 2011

So This is what Bullying is Like

                I got through a good portion of my life without being bullied. So much so that I’d gotten it into my head that I would never have that experience.

                I spoke too soon.

                You may know I like to wear a collection of belts. I’ve got a myriad of crazy accessories really.  Fitting in is about as normal as a blue moon to me.

               “What’s with all those belts?  Got an extra one for me?” - and of course this is said in the most rude and obnoxious fashion possible, while still offending the neurons trying to cope with the severe lack of intelligence in this conversation. 

Move please.”

“come on, I just want one…”

                My mind was frantic with the realization that this was bullying; No wonder people did not like it, it felt awful. They backed me up into a corner and threw verbal abuse after verbal abuse. 

                Then things got ugly. I guess my lack of response to there taunts rather rubbed the guy the wrong way, because he tried to punch me in the face. 

“I just want one!”

Not that i was going to allow that to happen.

Then I threw him on the ground.

 Which only lead to his friend getting all upset and trying to grab me.

 I don't know what it is with fights and people trying to grab each other, the though of grabbing one of these guys never once crossed my mind.

The guy then punched me in the arm.

This lead immediately to our little Darth Vader moment.

                Then I left.

I was horrified by the idea that the other two would jump into the fray and I would get my ass kicked by these four douche bags.

                But all and all I was lucky.

Those other two were pansies.

And those four chose the wrong guy to mess with.

Moral of the story; bullying sucks.

Lesson to be learned; don’t dick around with a guy wearing multiple belts.


Anonymous said...

Never. EVER. Mess with anyone wearing more than one belt.

Anonymous said...

I started laughing... lol :). And guess what? your saying made it to my signature on my phone, and thats hard to do.